Frequently asked questions


What if I do not want permanent color anymore? It is important to know that permanent make-up has a limited duration of 2 to 5 years. Furthermore, you have to consider it as a subtle basic make-up that highlights your harmonious facial features. Even if the applied make-up is sufficient, it can be modified or enhanced with temporary make-up if needed or simply for the goal of varying your look.
What happens to permanent make-up if my skin wrinkles and goes down as I get older? The aging process of the skin is normal and sometimes reduces the elasticity of the skin. If this is the case, the pigmented make-up will simply follow the attenuation of the skin.
Is it a painful procedure? The area to be treated is covered with a topical ointment that acts very quickly and anesthetizes it. In addition, the procedure is performed in the second layer of the dermis, so very superficially. You will feel a slight discomfort at first which will disappear in a few minutes.
I have white hairs in my eyebrows; will permanent make-up remove these hairs? The goal of micropigmentation is to fill the gaps and not to get rid of unwanted hairs that should be removed with eyebrow tweezers or electrolysis.
I would like to draw a line on the outline of my lips. What will happen if I want to change the initial colour or use different lipsticks? Tammy Gagnon will be able to advise you on discreet choices adaptable to the changes of fashion. This conservative approach will allow you to make adjustments later, if you wish.
After 5 years, will my make-up be gone? The average duration of permanent make-up is 2 to 5 years. Several factors will influence the longevity of your permanent make-up like, for example, the use of sunscreen that prevents its fading. If fading occurs, you can always consider making some touch-ups to revive its colours.
Is it possible to have a permanent make-up on the outline of my lips if I have cold sores? The herpes virus that causes cold sores is unfortunately permanent as well. On the other hand, although the Herpes simplex virus stays in the body of the infected individuals, it usually remains inert and only surfaces in presence of certain influenza viruses, excessive exposure to sun or wind, or if the immune system is weak. An antiviral prescription is given to treat this condition.
Am I too old for cosmetic micropigmentation? Ask yourself the following question and only you will get the answer: is there a ban on wanting to stay beautiful at all times?


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