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what is micropigmentation?

Most people know what permanent make-up, sometimes called permanent cosmetics, is; however, a lot less have heard about micropigmentation, medical pigmentation or restorative dermapigmentation. So, what is it exactly?

In fact, these expressions are only different ways to define the same procedure which is yet used to meet very specific needs. This technique consists of introducing a pigment into the derma with an electrical apparatus.

micropigmentation is for you if

You don’t like wasting time to put on your make-up

You’re allergic to traditional make-up

You want to avoid a smudging make-up

You suffer from hairlessness

You want to hide external damages caused by accidents, surgery or hare-lip

You have difficulties applying make-up

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“I have had a horrible permanent eyeliner done last year by a woman that says she is the best. Well let me tell you that I didn’t even want to leave the house, that is how bad it was. Someone referred me to Tammy so I met her and said she could fix it. And now I look great again, not afraid to leave the house anymore. What I’m saying is don’t just go to anyone who says their the best. Thanks Tammy for the excellent eye makeup.”

Suzanne Dionne

Our Client

“I’ve been going to Tammy Gagnon Micropigma for 1 year for Laser treatments and it’s been amazing. Service is personalized and very professional. I recommend going for any of their offered services.”

Melissa Beauchamp

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