tattoo removal

We safely erase ink pigments from your skin

What is it?

We can remove some tattoos that you want to erase. We use a saline-based solution to remove ink pigments. We use Eliminink technology to eliminate your tattoo more efficiently and safely.

This solution is minimally invasive and is not dangerous for patients. We are qualified to assist you in your desire to erase some parts of your tattoo or all of it.

remove unwanted tattoos

Eliminink technology

Extremely safe procedure

What Our Clients Say

“I have had a horrible permanent eyeliner done last year by a woman that says she is the best. Well let me tell you that I didn’t even want to leave the house, that is how bad it was. Someone referred me to Tammy so I met her and said she could fix it. And now I look great again, not afraid to leave the house anymore. What I’m saying is don’t just go to anyone who says their the best. Thanks Tammy for the excellent eye makeup.”

Suzanne Dionne

Our Client

“I’ve been going to Tammy Gagnon Micropigma for 1 year for Laser treatments and it’s been amazing. Service is personalized and very professional. I recommend going for any of their offered services.”

Melissa Beauchamp

Our Client